Several times a year an Evangel Home grad will stop by to see her name on the Hall of Faith. The other day, Deborah Harvey, class of 1985-86, was our

Garden Program Graduate, 1986
Victoria Rocha, Community Connection, received a scholarship and plaque from Clovis Soroptomists in recognition of her efforts to “enhance her career potential.” Victoria has done extremely well since graduating from

Garden Program Graduate, 2014
For those of us blessed to be part of Evangel Home there is nothing better than a graduation. Brittany, a beautiful young woman of God, graduated from the GARDEN. She

Garden Program Graduate
Char Nelson graduated from our GARDEN program in 1999. Her post-grad days were a little rocky for awhile, but once Char was grounded in God, she turned into an amazing

Garden Program Graduate, 1999
We first met Anthi in 1990 when she frequented the alley in back of Evangel Home and went through the contents of our dumpster each morning. During that time of

Garden Program Graduate
Crystal is supported in her journey by her family and her ADORABLE daughter Khloe, who you may recognize from some of our Day Care posts. Khloe also received her own

Community Connection Program
Evangel Home became part of the Fresno community in 1955. The ripples sent from this ministry have not only changed thousands of lives, but also affected generations. One such life

Garden Program Graduate

Words from 1955...

Going through our box of treasures the other day, and we found this newspaper clipping in an envelope. This is early 1955. We opened in February of that year in a house that is literally a stone’s throw from our current facilities. Wonder what these three wonderful people would say if they could visit us today? Do you realize how committed and unconventional they had to be in order to have had the courage to found Evangel Home? Thank God for their devotion.

In Memory Of...

In 1990 Anthi Renteria was our neighborhood bag lady. She ate and slept in dumpsters, was strung out on drugs, and survived by relying on the kindness of neighbors – and strangers. Eventually Anthi got cleaned up enough to come to the front door of Evangel Home and seek help. Although she never entered one of our long term programs, she entered our hearts and we began a special relationship that lasted until the day she died in July of 2016. Anthi is one of many. She and the rest of the women on this page all graduated from Evangel Home. Their graduation date is listed with their name.

We know that other graduates have most likely passed away, but we have not been told. So if you know of a woman who graduated from CrossRoads (formerly called the Extension Program) or the GARDEN, please let us know. We would like to pay tribute to them also.