The point of entry for most of our women is the emergency crisis shelter. One of our goals is to make each woman and child feel that they belong here, since they are so accustomed to feeling that they don’t belong anywhere. We understand that their crisis-to-crisis lifestyle offers few options. So we must help our women learn to develop options and take personal responsibility. Women come from a variety of situations, but one thing most have in common is something called disaffiliation – they aren’t connected to anyone or anything positive and they feel increasingly isolated in their struggles with issues such as homelessness, poverty, bad choices, depression, substance abuse or relational violence. The crisis shelter provides an opportunity for them to take a deep breath, clear their minds and help get started in a more positive direction. In addition to providing shelter, we prepare and serve three meals a day, give clothing and necessary personal items, offer counseling and hold Christian chapel services twice daily.

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Several times a year an Evangel Home grad will stop by to see her name on the Hall of Faith. The other day, Deborah Harvey, class of 1985-86, was our surprise visitor. Deborah was in the first group of women to move into the apartment complex we purchased in 1985. Seeing and chatting with her was a wonderful reminder of the importance of the Board’s decision to purchase the complex that we now call CrossRoads.


Garden Program Graduate, 1986

Victoria Rocha, Community Connection, received a scholarship and plaque from Clovis Soroptomists in recognition of her efforts to “enhance her career potential.” Victoria has done extremely well since graduating from the GARDEN in 2014. She has lived in our Community Connection program since then, is a founding employee of Five Gals Cleaning, is attending Fresno City College AND is raising five children!


Garden Program Graduate, 2014


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