The point of entry for most of our women is the emergency crisis shelter. One of our goals is to make each woman and child feel that they belong here, since they are so accustomed to feeling that they don’t belong anywhere. We understand that their crisis-to-crisis lifestyle offers few options. So we must help our women learn to develop options and take personal responsibility. Women come from a variety of situations, but one thing most have in common is something called disaffiliation – they aren’t connected to anyone or anything positive and they feel increasingly isolated in their struggles with issues such as homelessness, poverty, bad choices, depression, substance abuse or relational violence. The crisis shelter provides an opportunity for them to take a deep breath, clear their minds and help get started in a more positive direction. In addition to providing shelter, we prepare and serve three meals a day, give clothing and necessary personal items, offer counseling and hold Christian chapel services twice daily.

Call (559) 264-4714 any time.

Basic Guidelines

We offer you the best we have in a warm and supportive environment. There is no charge for your stay, but we do ask that you contribute to the household chores. We have several programs each with different rules, requirements, and expectations. However, each area has the following basics:

  • We are a non-smoking facility. No smoking is allowed anywhere on our campus.
  • We do not tolerate alcohol or drug use.
  • We have curfews and times to be in the Home.
  • Everyone helps with household chores.
  • We maintain a dress code.
  • We have zero tolerance for violence either physical or verbal.
We talk and teach about choice. We must help our women learn to develop options and take personal responsibility. They might be the one to break the bonds of generational chains. No matter what situation a woman is in, she has learned and developed life habits. Sometimes old habits must be broken before anything new really sinks in. Then there must be time to practice new habits and skills. Our programs provide both the time and skills needed to break the cycles these women face. For decades, our core programs have been creating an environment of love, community, and security for the women and children we serve.