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If You Need Help


Call (559) 264-4714 to see if we have openings. You will speak to the house manager or receptionist on duty. She will explain the rules and expectations. You will be asked some basic questions about your situation, and have the chance to ask us questions.


An appointment will be made for you to come to Evangel Home for an in-depth interview. It will take about an hour. If you have children, it is O.K. to bring them with you. Come to the interview ready to stay even though we cannot guarantee that you will be admitted. The staff member who does your interview will also pray with you if you wish.


After the interview, you will be shown around the Home and given a brief explanation of how everything works. We want you to feel welcome here, and we understand that this might be a stressful time. Usually the first 24 hours are the hardest because everything is new and unfamiliar. However, it gets easier once you know the routine and what to expect.

Our programs provide elements that women can use as stepping stones to build new lives. Everything we offer falls into areas of structure, hope and tools.

Creating New Lives

No matter what situation a woman is in, she has learned and developed life habits. Sometimes old habits must be broken before anything new really sinks in. Then there must be time to practice new habits and skills. Our programs provide both the time and skills needed to break the cycles these women face.


is the first stepping stone to responsibility. Without the basics such as a schedule, rules and expectations, success will always be elusive.


is the promise of a new life through Jesus Christ. We offer a path to Him through chapel services, prayer, Bible study and lifestyle.


are offered through a variety of classes, activities, interaction and counseling.