We first met Anthi in 1990 when she frequented the alley in back of Evangel Home and went through the contents of our dumpster each morning. During that time of her life, she often slept in neighborhood dumpsters.

Change is seldom seen more dramatically than in Anthi’s life. She has gone from living in dumpsters to owning a home! Now rather than sleeping on church pews she takes her neighborhood children to church.

Here is a glimpse of her story in her own written words.

“Hi! Fresno’s ex bag lady here. Just stop for a minute and ask yourself, “If a person came to you smelling and lice falling off them. Would you hug them first or give them a bath???”

“If you said bath first, you’re wrong! That hug is so important. Let them know their loved and their not dogs without a owner. God hugs and loves every minute of every day. Unconditional…without baths etc. I’m not 98 pounds and smelly anymore. 140 pounds and looking good! And now I feel good about Anthi.”

“When out sleeping in the street it’s cold, wet and you’re hungry. Got off drugs and went to Evangel Home. Lived for 3 months there. 12 years later, I’m still coming back to the home to visit. They can’t get rid of me! They’re the only family I know and I really don’t know any other lifestyle now, but the Evangel Home.”