I lived all of my young adult life, and a large part of my adult life, as an addict without direction or any sense of belonging. Prostitution was how I made a living (what I called a living at the time).That lifestyle landed me in jail, and I was “sentenced” to Evangel Home’s GARDEN program. It ended up being the greatest thing that could have happened in my life. I came to the GARDEN in 2000. I came with all my secrets and garbage.

I received an education from the Home that is priceless. I was taught how to deal honestly with my issues as a whole and how to live life on better terms−dealing with both the good and bad. I received a solid foundation to stand upon and the tools to build on that foundation. I was firmly planted and rooted in love, something that I really knew very little about.

I graduated from the GARDEN and had just moved into the Community Connection (graduate) program when my foundation would be shaken. My son, Capers, was murdered in a random shooting in July 2001. I could literally feel my heart melt inside of me and fade away. At his bedside, on my knees, I begged God to give him another chance because I could not bear this pain.

Philippians 4:13 came running to the forefront of my mind right then and I thanked God for what he had done in my live. That verse is printed on Evangel Home graduation diplomas, and it says, “I can do all things through him who gives me strength.”

I soon realized that my son was given something greater than another chance in this life that day. He was at my graduation just a few weeks earlier and had even brought flowers with my younger son, Benjamin. He had been given the opportunity to see his mom living the right way before he died.

My life has most certainly been a constant change since the death of my son. I cannot tell you where I mighty be if I hadn’t been at Evangel Home when this tragedy happened.

Today I am a proud member of the Evangel Home staff (part-time) working side by side with those women who fed, encouraged and loved me where I was. I’ve been given an opportunity to give something back. Today I belong to the Evangel Home and I have a good sense of direction.

I am currently employed at Evangel Home.