Give $20 a month in 2020 to help provide for the basic needs of an Evangel Home woman

The year 2020 is around the corner and our desire is to start it off on a healthy financial foot while providing for our women here at Evangel Home. As you may already know, our mission is:

  • To serve women and children in crisis.
  • To promote personal development and responsibility.
  • To encourage spiritual growth.
  • To uphold and honor Jesus Christ in all we do.
  • To meet their basic physical needs.

This means that we’re called to provide the same love, hospitality and provision for our women that Jesus would provide. And in 2020, we need your help to do it.

On average it takes $60 a day to provide for the basic needs of 1 woman at Evangel Home. This includes food, clothing and shelter. It also includes the necessary staff to help coach our women back to great emotional and spiritual health.


With such a great need, we’re asking you to partner with us all throughout next year.

Would you consider giving $20 a month in 2020 to help support the transformation and development of a woman at Evangel Home?

Though we’re asking for $20 a month throughout next year, we’ll gladly accept any contribution you may want to give. Click below to partner with us and help provide for the women of Evangel Home in 2020.