Help us improve our Childcare Center & build our Evangelounge

Our big improvement project this year is to move our current child care center to our GARDEN Home and to transform the current child care area into a new community space for our residents.

While we have been preparing our property with the adopt-a-home project to make our apartments ready to fill with new programming and as we increase our residents, we now need to increase our ability to help their children too.

Currently, we have a small space that will hold about 10 kids. This project will help provide a new space that will hold up to 30 kids. As we change our programming and increase our number of families we will need this higher capacity. 

Here’s how we plan to make this happen:

(1) Transform the interior so that we can move the child care and then start on the community space. We hope to have that done by the end of 2024. Once that is complete we can start on the exterior renovations. 

(2) Once we get this in place and can make the move, we will transition the current childcare area into the new community space for our residents. 

(3) Move the Evangel Home gym to this space

(4) Restore the old gym to a working apartment

(5) In 2024 we will begin the exterior and creating a natural outdoor space that helps children connect with nature.

This is our plan for 2023 and we need your help to do it. This is a place for our women and residents to feel beloved and safe. We are creating an environment that our residents can walk in and say “I am loved”… “I am cared for”… and “I belong.”

Since this new lounge space will be for the residents and a place to call their own, they got to pick what they are going to call the new place and they’ve decided to call it – “EVANGELOUNGE”

When we asked a resident if she could put a price on what this is all worth she stated: It’s priceless. You can’t put a dollar sign on what God’s purpose is for us. 

We know there is so much more value that can be added to the lives of those who will come next by developing these two spaces and we invite you to be a part of their creation. It’s just another way to help one woman in a thousand ways.

You can help us do this by clicking the donate button below and giving toward this project. We hope to have you join us as we make a better future for our residents!