You May Be Wondering

  • What is Evangel Home?

    Evangel Home is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian shelter for women and children in crisis. We provide food, shelter, clothing and programs that encourage and equip those residing with us.

  • How is Evangel Home funded?

    We are funded entirely by private donations from those who support what we do. Most of our income comes from individuals, then from churches, civic groups and businesses. As a matter of policy, Evangel Home has never received government funds and all gifts are used to directly support the programs and people of the ministry.

  • Is Evangel Home connected with any particular church?

    No. We were founded in 1955 as an “arm of the church.” Then, as now, we receive support from various Christian churches. Our support is broad-based, but our philosophy is not. We stand firm on Biblical principles and want to honor Jesus Christ through all that we do.

  • Who stays with you?

    We accept women and children in crisis. The crisis they are in will vary, but whatever the reason, they need help. We take women with children as well as single women. We do not accept children by themselves.

  • How do women find out about Evangel Home?

    Word of mouth draws many here. Churches refer women to us. Social service agencies, the courts and law enforcement also refer women. Other shelters make referrals to us when they are full or otherwise unable to take in someone.

  • How long can women stay at Evangel Home?

    They can stay in our emergency shelter up to 30 days. We have two long-term programs that are 9 months each, and we have a graduate program that allows women to stay up to an additional 24 months after graduation. To see a chart outlining our programs, click here.

  • What do women do at Evangel Home?

    There are many chores to be done to keep Evangel Home running smoothly. Women complete these tasks daily during their stay with us. We also have required chapel services twice a day and on-site Christian counseling available.For moms staying in our long-term Crossroads and GARDEN programs, we provide childcare. Ladies in these programs attend classes that prepare them to leave our Home, return to the community and to find gainful employment.

    Of course, a house is not a home without some fun, so Evangel Home provides several organized outings for our women. Many of our women lost the ability of enjoying themselves. These occasional outings have become a vital part of the healing process.

  • How many can you serve at Evangel Home?

    We are an intense ministry interested in long-term change. Therefore, we do best if we limit our numbers to approximately 35 women and 30 children. We have several different buildings so living arrangements are comfortable and cozy.

  • Don’t you wish you could help more at Evangel Home?

    First, we would like to help them better. We prefer to help one woman 1,000 ways than 1,000 women one way. We know the needs are great, but we know what it is we do best. Our focus will stay on the individual who not only seeks help, but also wants a change. The chance for change is what we offer.

  • What is your success rate?

    This is a tough question to answer definitively. A woman who stays in the crisis shelter and then finds an apartment is a success. A graduate who is working as a receptionist in a church is a success. A woman who stays 30 days and is in no better condition than when she came, is not a success by any of our measurements, yet she might have a new attitude.We serve approximately 400 people a year. Of that, about 250 are women with the rest being their children. Approximately 25-35 women are accepted into one of our 9-month programs, with 12-15 graduating. To read some of their stories, click here.

  • What does Evangel Home offer in programs and services?

    We provide three meals a day, clothing, shelter and Christian counseling for our emergency residents. Our long-term programs residents are busy attending classes, working and participating in activities. For our Crossroads residents, we provide professional counseling, on-site childcare and individual apartments. Our GARDEN residents receive the same services while living in a separate house and group setting. You can get more detailed information by clicking here.

  • How is Evangel Home different from other women’s shelters?

    Our combination of philosophy, funding and faith is what makes us unique.Many organizations specialize in one aspect of a woman’s needs. There are organizations, for example, that focus on battered women or on drug and alcohol rehab. We, however, focus on the needs of the whole woman…physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual.

    Another factor setting us apart is that all of our funding is generated from private sources. We have chosen not to receive government funding of any kind, whether local or federal. We discovered long ago that these funds many times limited our ability to do our work properly and to our satisfaction.
    While certain needs can be addressed through government funded or government operated facilities, the need for Christ is noticeably neglected in these types of programs. We, however, are grateful to be a part of the tapestry of Christian ministries woven together to serve women in our community. We stand on our Christian principles and teach the women and children staying with us of the life transforming power of Jesus Christ.

  • Do women have to be Christian to stay at Evangel Home?

    No. Our Home is our Christian faith at work for them. If they are in one of our long-term programs, they will be taught Christian beliefs and required to attend Bible study classes. We hope to represent Christ well enough that women will be drawn to Him. Since our CrossRoads and GARDEN programs are also discipleship programs, women who aren’t really interested in Christianity will seek help elsewhere or begin wrestling with faith issues here.

  • Do you ever ask women to leave Evangel Home?

    Yes. We will work and work in order to prevent this from happening. However, sometimes a woman will be so negative or deceptive that we have no choice except to dismiss her. While we are here to help the individual, we must also look out for the group. Reasons for dismissal might include being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, refusal to obey rules, or taking advantage of the other women. We want Evangel Home to be a safe place where our residents can make mistakes while learning how to get past the negative behaviors that have held them back in the past.

  • How can I help Evangel Home as you reach out to women and children in crisis?

    There are four ways you can help us:

  • How can I be added to Evangel Home’s mailing list?

    The best way to get on our list is to call us at (559) 264-4714 or fill out our online contact form. If you would like to receive our monthly e-newsletter, you can sign up by clicking here or scroll down to the bottom of this website to sign up. Also, please get connected with us on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Do you have a speaker’s bureau?

    We love to share the good news of Evangel Home. Our staff and residents are available to speak with your church group, service club or business organization. Just call us at 559-264-4714 or use our online contact form, and we’ll get you in contact with the correct person.