Evangel Home Annual Banquet Registry 2020

Welcome to our registry for our annual banquet this year. It’s our desire to improve our facility and programs, but we need your help to do it. Below are different items that we’re hoping to invest in to make Evangel Home the place of refuge for both women and kids that God’s called it to be.

Would you consider taking a look through our registry and helping us do it? All gifts (done as purchases) are tax deductible.

Note: Items are not sent to you, the purchaser. Evangel Home will use the monies donated for this registry to purchase needed items.

SCOPE OF THE REGISTRY: We have seen an increase in trespassers and vandalism on our campus. The women and children of Evangel Home come to us seeking peace and refuge and we want to do our best to provide a secure environment! This year’s project is designed to increase the security of the women on our campus so they can relax and grow strong. 

Also, if you’d just like to send a donation, you can do that by clicking here.

Give to Help us Install Security Cameras

Help us Purchase New Lights for Our Campus

Support our Fencing & Paving initiative

Support our Green Space

Help Us by Donating these Accessories for our Evangel Home Kids