We take patient privacy very seriously, and it is important to us that you are made fully aware of a potential privacy issue. We have learned that various people’s personal information, including name, address, health information, and social security number (only for former residents of Evangel Home), may have been compromised.

On January 12, 2019, it was discovered that as the counseling center was being tented for termites, someone had broken in through a window. The locked filing cabinets were pried open. Upon inspection, no files were missing and it did not appear that any of the files had been tampered with or touched. However, we would like to inform you of what has happened so you may take precautions as necessary. We have reported the incident to the police and it was documented in their records. Since the break-in, we have added even more security measures to our counseling center to prevent this in the future.

We are keenly aware of how important your personal information is to you. As a measure of added security, we recommend registering for a credit monitoring site. You can get Credit Karma for free by clicking here

Credit Karma is an organization that watches for and reports to you unusual credit activity, such as creating new accounts in your name. Credit Karma will also request that the two credit bureaus place a “Fraud Alert” on your credit report if need be. We understand that this may pose as an inconvenience to you.

We sincerely apologize and regret that this situation has occurred. Evangel Home is committed to providing quality care, including protecting your personal information, and we want to assure you that we have policies and procedures to protect your privacy. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at 559-443-1021.


Sarah Dawson
Executive Director