The end of the year is approaching and we need your help.

We desire to give our women the security and comfort of their own fully-functioning homes on our campus. Below are some items that your donations have the ability to help us purchase for our residents in need. Your giving shows our residents how much they are truly cared for. Many have said that it is hard for them to believe that someone would care so much about them by giving like this, but this is a perfect way for our women to experience the love and provision of Christ.

So, would you consider giving this year?

See below to choose your giving option. As always, thank you for supporting Evangel Home, believing in our mission, and infusing our women with hope!

Donate by clicking a home item below.

Please note: when you put an item below in your cart, the money goes to Evangel Home and is set aside to purchase that item. You will not receive the physical item at your home.

Please call Ruby or Gina at (559) 264-4714 if you would like a list of other items that would help spruce up the apartments. Happy giving!

Don’t want to buy an item and simply want to give a donation?

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